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Tips for driving in Europe



Driving in another country and on the opposite side of the road can be more tricky than you might think. Before you travel abroad, have a read of these 10 tips to help you survive. 

1. Use a GPS - if all else fails, buy a few road maps from the nearest souvenir shop or news agency.

2. Always stay in your lane when turning corners - always a good tip when driving on the opposite side of the road.

3. Keep in the right left unless overtaking - most cars will tailgate and beep at you instead of over taking you on the right if you are in the wrong lane.

4. Have a good-looking navigator ride shot gun and keep any eye on which directions to take and your fatigue level. BONUS TIP: They can also feed you snacks and hand you drinks.

5. Take regular breaks - sitting in the monotonous drivers seat for hours on end can be very tiring and even deadly. This one goes without saying - use your common sense.

6. Play games in the car to keep your mind alert and kill your boredom at the same time.

7. If a hire car company stuffs you around, don't just take it - klick and scream till someone confesses that they speak English (more people than you might think).

8. Double check where you park - more often than not you find out about the parking restrictions after the fine!

9. Double check your car is safe to drive and had a full tank of petrol - again, plain old common sense.

10. Don't forget to organise insurance.

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