Dubai International Airport



One of the worlds best airports and its open 24 hours a day.

Dubai International airport has to be one of my favourite airports in the world. Not only does it have food, alcohol and duty free shopping but it is one of the most sophisticated and well run airports in the world. At times feeling more like a hotel bar/lobby than a busy airport. The best part is that Duty free is open 24 hours a day.

If we think of the UAE we think of a very strict and traditional countries. The laws and values practiced in the cities are exempt from the international airport. Whilst at the airport couples were holding hands, kissing and people were wearing provocative clothing. Although this maybe allowed we should all practice good manners and respects the values and traditions of different cultures.

The modern technology assistance within the airport makes the transition from terminal to terminal easier and stress free. Also all staff seemed to be strong English speakers and were willing to help us find our way.

We flew Emirates

Arriving in Dubai 

Enjoying some Lunch at Carluccio's

Paul's Boulangerie Patisserie

Shuttle transportation between terminals

 Walking through Terminals

On Shuttle heading to our next terminal

Duty free, we bought 1L Talisker Storm, 1L Tanqueray and 3L Belvedere for only 230 Euro.

All Photos taken by blog Authors

- A.P -

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