Top 10 Cocktails in Sydney



Our 2014 best cocktails in Sydney

Shangri-la - Blu Bar on 36 - Madame Divine

Hendricks Gin, apple and peach liqueurs, lemon juice, egg white 
and rose syrup. Named after Sydney’s original notorious gang 

Eau De Vie- The Contender

Strawberry infused gin is mixed with rosemary and mandarin syrup, fresh lemon juice and a little sprinkle of pepper. The sweet and fruity lovers’ delight.

ECQ - Toblerone

satisfy your guilty pleasures with a mix of baileys, frangelico, mozart chocolate liqueur, honey and cream

Shangri-la Lobby Lounge - Shangri-la Sunset

42 Below Vodka, mango & strawberry liqueur built with 
pineapple juice & a cranberry float 

Zeta Bar - Rock Melon, Pistachio Foam

Ketel One Citroen, St Germain elderflower, fresh lemon and rock melon, shaken up with a touch of chardonnay.

O Bar and Dining - Long Lychee

42 below vodka, elderflower cordial & fresh lychees shaken with basil then served tall over cubed ice

The Victoria Room - Rose Petal

Beefeater Gin shaken with rose syrup and lychee juice

O Bar and Dining - Bobbie Burns

dewars 12yr scotch whiskey and sweet vermouth stirred slowly with angostura bitters and dom benedectine, served short on the 

Ivy Pool Club - Ivy Fruit Cup

Pool Club’s version of the English Summer Classic; Beefeater Gin with orange & blackberry liqueurs finished with seasonal fruits and ginger ale

The Garden - Fidel

A creamy, indulgent cocktail with a fruit injection – Havana Blanco and ginger liquor, shaken with milk, heavy cream, condensed milk and pineapple juice. If you’re looking for something different then this is it.

- A.P -

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