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Valentines Day in the City of Love



As midnight struck, we were just returning home from an Ellie Goulding concert. Our first real Valentines Day, and in Paris, the city of love of all places.

We exchanged fancy gifts heartfelt cards.

Valentines Day had begun.

When we woke late the next morning, the whole gang got up to cook breakfast and once we were all ready, we head off to the city.

 As we had booked a deluxe room at the Novotel in the city Centre, the first thing we did was get to the hotel and check in. Once that was out of the way, the adventures could begin!

First stop: La Tour Eiffel. We were lucky enough to have reasonable weather. It was overcast but not raining. Walking to the Eiffel Tower from our hotel, we meandered through the park, sampling some authentic street food: a Nutella crepe and a ham and cheese crepe - both were delicious!

We waited in the queue to go up the Eiffel Tower, but the lines were taking much too long, and we wanted to bust another romantic location before sundown.

So off we set again, this time to le Pont Des Arts - also globally knows as the original love lock bridge.

Just after the fourth lamp post on the left was where the love of my life and I shared one of the most special moments of my life. As she locks the engraved vintage padlock directly to the fence, I knew more than ever that this was what I wanted. Standing close behind her, her hand enclosed in mine, we throw the key to our love lock into the river. We promised to each other that we would return to this very spot when we get married.

As the sun started to set, we left the bridge to head back to our hotel, Valentines Day isn't over yet!

All Photos taken by blog Authors

- A.P -

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