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The Term shake it like a Polaroid has become nonexistent in 21st century Polaroid cameras. It is now advised to leave it in a dark place and let it develop on its own. This hasn't stopped the thousands of people like me who have been enjoying the new generation Polaroids for the last 8 years.

I first started with a vintage camera by Polaroid but eventually stopped using it because of it's over priced film, due to a monopoly in the market. I then purchased the Fuji film Instax mini 7, I ordered it from Hong Kong as it was unavailable in Australia for another one and a half years. Film was a lot cheaper and you can buy in bulk on ebay, around $40 for 50 films compared to $30 for 10 films in store. I had the pleasure of using this camera over many travels and adventures and i would recommend it for first time users.

For all you tech savvy people, over a year ago i ordered the new Instax mini90 Neo series (Featured below). You now have more control over how your photo turns out without it being a digital camera.

Selective Flash
Party Mode
Double Exposure
Kids Mode
Landscape Mode
Selective Brightness
Macro Mode
Bulb Exposure Mode

RRP $300(Aus)

Instax mini90 Neo Series

Our Hotel In London

Pont Des Arts

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Gondola Ride Along the Grand Canal  

Superhero Costume Party


Ruins of Pompeii

The Grand Canal

Sydney Opera House and Habour Bridge

Lost Picnic 

All Photos taken by blog Authors

- A.P -

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