Falls Music Festival - Lorne



Have you ever felt happy after sitting for an exam?

On November 12th after sitting a three hour marketing exam, i switched on my phone and started reading messages and emails I had missed during those three hours. I came across an email with the subject 'London Grammar - Falls Festival'. After trying to read the email whilst walking to the station, heart racing and constantly losing where i was up to. I decided to STOP and read the email without disruption.

"CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have won the London Grammar competition run by JBHIFI", the email read.

The prize pack included a meet and greet with the band, entry to any of the three festivals for me and a friend as well as camping at the venue.

Paul and i flew down on the 30th of December to Melbourne, where we hired a car and made the 3 hour drive to Lorne. We got to experience festival camping, discovering new music, seeing The Wombats for the 3rd time and seeing a festival unlike any other we've been too in Sydney. 

Falls Festival Lorne

Falls Festival Lorne

Great Ocean Drive on the way back to Melbourne

Falls Festival Lorne

Falls Festival Lorne

All Photos taken by blog Authors

- A.P -

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